About towards

We are a small team of open-source technology enthusiasts who love developing useful and modern software including web apps. For that purpose we mainly use the Ruby programming language and for web development the Ruby on Rails framework, our all-time favourite.

We strongly believe in the twelve-factor app methodology for building software-as-a-service apps and web apps. In fact we even built our own cloud Platform as a Service called Gleis for that purpose. Agile software development applying the Scrum framework is our dogma and DevOps our culture.

Most of our time we spend it working on Gleis, our very own Platform as a Service for Ruby on Rails web apps but are always keen to hear about your own project and how we may help you to successfully bring that idea of yours to life. In our spare time we enjoy contributing back to various open-source projects on GitHub.

You will find us located in the the heart of the city of Basel in northwestern Switzerland and we would be happy to meet you there for an interesting chat along with a coffee.